Everything Outlook on your iPhone

Kuriel is an iPhone email app for Microsoft Exchange designed for business professionals who get 100+ emails a day. Kuriel helps users organize, focus and get it done.


Does your office use Microsoft Outlook/Exchange for email, but you also use an iPhone? Kuriel tightly integrates with Microsoft Outlook features so that your workstation at the office and iPhone stay in sync.

Business email for Power Users


Using Outlook categories? Take them wherever you go with Kuriel. Keeping your email organized means you can process email faster and get on with your day. 

Flag important emails you need to follow-up on, and we’ll flag them in Outlook too. Schedule it to organize your email by urgency and never miss a deadline again.

Focus on the important email


Get quick access to what is most important to you, whether that’s an important category, person, company or conversation. Use the Favorites to create your own personalized view into your email.

Kuriel automatically keeps your inbox clean by setting aside newsletters, automated emails, and other non-urgent messages. Mark an email to “read later” and it won’t clutter your inbox anymore.

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